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Sunday, October 04, 2015


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The Earth is a magnet
And we're magnetic too
Opposites attract
And I want to attract you

No matter how close we are
We're never close enough
You might as well wish on a star
As say we're close, so off the cuff

Since we're so different
We stick like glue
Stick to each other
Till thoughts get through

Plus or minus
It's all the same
How much longer
Do we play this game?

Friday, September 18, 2015


This is from THE GRAND DELUSION By Paul Spradley, save up to 75% at


I want a woman
To have and to hold
I want a woman
Who's not so cold

One who can't be bought
And has never been sold
Can't be taught
And has never been told

I want a woman
In bed with me at night
I want a woman
Who knows how to do it right

One who knows how to fight
And lets me have my way
When to turn off the lights
Who won't run away

I want a woman
Well, I just want a woman
And a Gazillion Dollars Too!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


This poem is from SO IN LOVE By Paul Spradley, save up to 75% off at


Nothing to do in the city today
All my dreams have faded away
I picked up my guitar to play
Because I want those dreams to stay

Nothing to do in the city today
All my friends have gone away
But I'm so broke I have to stay
I have nothing to do but play

Playing my guitar and sounding way too punk
My guitar was on fire and I got really wired
But around the eighth hour I was really tired
And all my tunes turned to electric junk

A friend of mine had to work today
Another was too busy to stay
I wish I could have gone away
But since I couldn't I must play

God said -- sorry it turned out this way
But you needed to practice anyway
And besides, your friends think they're having fun
They don't know they're really on the run

I wish I was on the run
Instead of working all week
Feeling like some kind of geek
I should be having a lot more fun
And I would if I was on the run

So I quit my job
And started singing
I like it a lot
But my ears are ringing
I'm on the run
Having lots of fun
City to city
And the girls are pretty
I'm playing at night
Waking up to the noonday sun
I'm on the run
And having fun


This poem is from the book SO IN LOVE by Paul Spradley, save up to 75% at


Mother Earth
Father Time
High on life
Coming on
Come on
So incredibly high
I can't think straight
Let's get it right
I can't see straight
Let's make it
Let's make out
Heavy petting
Let's get married for awhile

Do you take this woman
To be your lawfully wedded wife?
To have and to hold
To love and to cherish
Till death do you part?

I Do!


This poem is in the book SO IN LOVE,save up to 75% off at


Morning sunshine on my face
Such cloudless days make me happy
Inspire me and renew my soul
I'm ready now for something new
For a girl to fall in love with
What will she be like?
I hope I meet her soon
Such magnificent days as these
Pass by too soon
As orangey-red sunsets bring them
Softly to an end

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Friday, September 11, 2015


This poem is from the book SO IN LOVE by Paul Spradley, save up to 75% off at


It's such fun to be with you
We belong together
We're such good friends
Wouldn't love make things better?
Come on and take a chance on me
Can't you see we could be free?
If we stay together
In love forever

Feel the way I love you
It's body and soul
Feel the way I need you
It's outta control
Feel the way I want you
It has taken its toll